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What is a Takara Cultured Diamond exactly?

Takara Cultured Diamonds are:

  •  Pure and genuine diamond:
    99.99% carbon in isometric (cubic) form, and come with an EGL fancy diamond grading report

  •  Grown in a laboratory, not mined.
    It is very comparable to buying a cultured pearl versus a natural pearl - they are both real pearls, only man initiates the growth for a cultured pearl rather than having nature initiate it.  

  • Not Moissanite or CZ:
    Moissanite does not contain any diamond crystal; CZ has no carbon, or any other type of simulant or falsely labeled imitation.

The major advantages of Takara Cultured Diamonds:

  • Stunning, intense/vivid coloration:
    Most Takara's are graded by EGL as 'vivid' coloration, which is among the most valuable (and rare) color grade for fancy color diamonds.

  • Less brittle:
    Their crystal structure is nearly perfect vs. the deformations usually present in natural diamond. Nitrogen is evenly dispersed throughout the lab-grown diamonds vs. being in clumps in natural diamonds (called N3-centers).

  • Precise and perfect cut:
    Hand-Cut by Master Diamond cutters to premium cutting specifications, all done in the USA

  • More affordable:
    Prices are 50 - 80%+ cheaper than their natural diamond equivalents (90% cheaper for blues)

  • Environmentally friendly (no mining)