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We've assembled some of the most common questions about our Takara Cultured Diamonds on this page to help you understand the what, why, etc. of our synthetic diamonds.

1)Are Takara diamonds real diamonds?

2)What is a Takara Cultured Diamond?

3)How hard is a Takara?

4)Will Takara's test positive on a diamond tester?

5)If I buy a Takara, how do I know I really own a diamond?

6)Who grows your lab diamonds?

If you have other questions you'd like to have answered and included on this page, feel free to to email us.

1)Are Takara diamonds real diamonds?

The very simple answer is, “Yes.” Takara Cultured Diamonds, grown under laboratory conditions, have the same exact characteristics and qualities, such as unequaled hardness, fire, brilliance and scintillation, as those produced by nature 100 miles below the earth’s surface. The color of Takara's is also provided in the same exact fashion as nature intended - high nitrogen content produces yellow, boron added produces blue, and nitrogen-minimized produces white. 
The only difference is where they are grown. Takara Cultured Diamonds consist of the same pure carbon crystal structure as a diamond grown by nature and are polished in the same way as natural diamonds.

Characteristics Takara Diamonds Natural Diamonds
(10 on Mohs scale)
a a
Carbon Chemical composition a a
Fracture/Toughness a a
Carat Weight a a
Brilliance a a
Transparency a a
Specific Gravity a a
Dispersion .044 a a
Refractive Index 2.42 a a
Octahedron Crystal Form a a

2)What is a Takara Cultured diamond?

Takara's are true, pure diamond - grown above ground instead of underneath it. The laboratory simply recreates the same conditions that are present under the earth (very high temperature, very high pressure) allowing diamonds to be 'grown' in the laboratory.  It is sometimes difficult to believe that diamonds can now be produced in a laboratory for jewelry use, but it's (at long last) a reality. Industrial diamonds (extremely small crystals) have been available for many years, but these are among the first to be available for sale as gem-quality diamonds for consumer enjoyment.

3)How hard is a Takara?

Takara's are pure diamond, and rate 10 or 10+ on the Mohs scale. The 10+ aspect refers to previous findings by the GIA and others that lab-grown diamonds are slightly harder and less brittle than natural diamonds. This can be inferred to be a result of ideal nitrogen dispersion in lab-diamonds, and a more perfect crystal structure. For additional details on this, please see  Takara vs. natural diamond comparison page.

4)Will Takara's test positive on a diamond tester?

Absolutely! Remember, Takara's are true, pure diamond.  The analogy is very comparable to tomatoes - whether you pick a tomato from a wild plant you stumble upon in a field (wild tomatoes), or pick it from a plant that is growing in a man-made greenhouse (designed for optimal growing conditions), you still have a tomato, and nature grows the tomato in either case.  The green-house one is likely to look better, and perhaps taste better too, but they are both tomatoes. Carry the analogy to Takara vs. mined diamonds. Takara's are made in a lab, but mankind merely provides the environment for nature and carbon to do the complex assembly of actually producing a diamond. Hence why we tend to call them "lab-grown diamonds".

5)If I buy a Takara, how do I know I really own a diamond?

All our lab-grown diamonds ship with an independent grading report from an established gem grading laboratory.  The lab reports, while varying based on which lab graded the diamond, are identical to those for a natural diamond except the origin is clearly noted as "lab grown". 

6) Who grows your lab diamonds?

We source our lab-diamonds from multiple laboratories around the world.  Currently, our pink and blues are from Chatham, and our yellow diamonds are grown by a private lab in Asia.  We are currently engaged in discussions with another lab for pink diamond supplies as well. 

Our goal is offering only the top lab grown diamonds available under our Takara brand.  We purchase both rough and finished diamonds from our suppliers, and then have them graded and inspected before offering them for sale.  We reject a significant proportion of the diamonds offered, and we believe that is a testament to the quality bar we set for our Takara brand.    

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