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We are no longer operating our Phoenix HPHT program as it has lost money over the past year.  We currently have one remaining diamond left, and it is priced to move! 


Phoenix HPHT diamonds are ultra-pure (chemically nearly perfect), rare natural diamonds mined from Brazil that have been reverted to their natural colorless state via a proprietary de-stress process.  They are mined as brown diamonds - brown due to compression and stress they endured on their trip to the earths surface, not due to impurities.  By placing these ultra-pure diamonds in a diamond growth chamber, and allowing them to relieve their stress, they revert to their intrinsic natural beauty.  This is effectively the same color they were before they began their trip up through the earth's crust.

All natural diamonds have internal stress due to their trip to the earths surface - Phoenix diamonds are unique in that by being de-stressed, they are among the most chemically stable of all natural diamonds.

Their chemical makeup (known as type IIa), is very rare, constituting less than 1% of all white diamonds - rare because they contain virtually no nitrogen, the impurity that causes more common white diamonds to have varying shades of yellow tint.  

Nothing is added or taken away during the de-stress process.  Because we are purchasing the diamond rough direct from the mines and at the point when they are visually brown, we are able to purchase rough for cheaper than ordinary white diamonds...and hence, the completed white diamonds, while being among the purest and most perfect of all natural diamonds, are available for less than their non de-stressed natural counterparts.



Carat Weight Clarity Shape Dimensions Color Price Status Details
1.01ct VVS1 Sq. Radiant 5.90 x 5.97mm G $3988 SOLD view
1.05 ct IF Heart 6.1 x 7.1mm H $3933 Available view
1.23 ct SI1 Pear 5.69 x 9.01mm F $3850 SOLD view