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Real White Diamonds, Real Pink diamonds, Real Blue Diamonds - grown by man rather than mined!  

Takara Blue Diamond Ring, Timeless Halo micropave         Takara Yellow Diamond Ring - lab grown center diamond
Takara Blue Diamond Ring           Takara Yellow Diamond ring 

We are the web's premier source for stunning, lab-grown pink diamonds, blue diamonds and yellow diamonds.  Real diamond, cut to exacting specifications, but grown in a laboratory rather than mined. 

Blue Diamond, Ideal cut  round lab grown
Takara Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond

We were the first to sell genuine lab diamonds via the web, starting in 2002.  Our lab grown diamonds have been shown in major publications such as Newsweek magazine (Feb, 2009). 

Yellow Diamond and blue diamond layout, rings
Various rings showing some of our blue diamonds and yellow diamonds


All our inventory is *real* diamond; All are accompanied by an independent gemological grading report as your assurance of quality.   

If you are unfamiliar with what a genuine cultured, or lab-grown diamond is, please visit here for more info.  

While there are many sites claiming to offer 'man made diamonds', 'lab grown diamonds', etc. the reality is nearly all of these are CZ deceptively advertised.  There are only a handful of labs in the world that can grow true diamond and even fewer that sell them.  We only offer the real deal - beautiful, real diamonds that your jeweler can readily verify are diamond via a thermal tester.     

Pink Diamond Ring by

To answer the most common question: All Takara's will test positive on any form of diamond tester...because Takaras are *real* diamond (same molecular composition as mined diamonds).  The difference is Takaras are grown in a laboratory and due to the cost savings by not having to mine hundreds of tons of rock, Takaras can be purchased at a fraction of the price of their mined counterparts.  Our lab-grown Yellow Diamonds often sell for 1/7th the price of equivalent mined yellow diamonds and our lab-grown pink diamonds are offered for as little as 1/25th the price of their mined pink diamond equivalent.  Our lab grown blue diamonds sell for as little as 1/30th or better the price of a natural mined blue diamond.  For reference, natural blue diamonds of fancy vivid color, in larger sizes, can command over $1,000,000 USD per carat.   

Speaking of mined counterparts, here are a few quotes related to the value of natural pink and blue diamonds as compared to whites:

“A fine pink or blue diamond of unquestionable color, meaning, you see the pink or blue, can cost 10 to 50 times more than a white diamond of the same size”
LA Times

" diamonds are known to command prices exceeding $400,000 per carat..."
National Jeweler Network

"To put the true rarity of these special 'pink' diamonds into perspective, from every million carats of rough [white] diamonds produced at the mine, a mere one carat [of pinks] is suitable for sale..."
From Rio Tinto website [Rio Tinto owns the Argyle mines, the source of 90% of the worlds pink mined diamonds].

In our experience, the more you know about the rarity and beauty of colored natural diamonds, the more you can appreciate the beauty and value that our Takara lab-grown diamonds can offer.  Our pink diamonds are often available for selling prices equivalent to 5% of the price you would pay to buy the equivalent pink if it was mined instead of grown in the lab.  We've prepared a brief overview of both natural and lab grown pink diamonds here.

Latest news: 

April 14th:  First Ultra Pure Takara Lab White Diamonds - D and E Color - available next week:  
We're thrilled to announce that our first batch of Takara White diamonds have completed grading and are currently in engraving.  All are D and E color, in sizes  from .53ct to 1.24ct for rounds, and a 1.52ct D/VS2 Cushion.  Note that our Takara's are all Type IIa, or 'ultra-pure' and are thus clearer and harder than 98% of all mined diamonds.

We'll have video and photos and they will be available for sale next week!

Our White Diamonds will be available on our main site, under the Takara Lab Diamonds Menu - or click here to jump directly to the Takara round inventory page.

For  now, here is part of the grading report of one of our first Takara Lab White Diamonds - 1.07ct, D, VVS2:

Takara Lab White Diamond Grading report

We'll have more updates, videos and photos shortly so hope to see you at our new main site,

March 19th:  More Blue Diamonds coming soon: We've been out of production for some time, but will soon have our largest blue diamonds available to date. 

Please note that we have consolidated our inventory to our main site now and you can view our new inventory when ready on our new lab blue diamond page.

June 4th:  Yellow diamond princess with GIA grading report: We sent one of our latest yellow lab diamonds to GIA for the first time ever and are happy to announce it is ready for sale.  It is a large and stunning, 1.85ct Fancy Vivid Yellow princess with VVS2 clarity.  Unfortunately, no photos come with the GIA report, but the diamond is available now - details here.

Jan 22nd:  Blue diamonds flying out the door: We had a very busy holiday sales season, and had over 12 new lab blue diamonds come in and promptly sell...we're currently largely sold out of blues, but have posted a beautiful .63ct for sale today.  We will have another .77ct available the first week in February. 

Nov 12th:  First of our blue diamonds posted for sale: We're thrilled to report that our first lab blue diamond to come back from grading was graded as an "Ideal cut".  This is a .63ct, Fancy Vivid Blue that offers perhaps the ultimate in blue diamond beauty.  Most natural blue diamonds are relatively poorly cut in order to ensure maximum blue color (more depth preserves color but reduces light return) and maximum value.  With valuations of natural blue diamonds as high as $1.3Million per carat, there is a bit of pressure to keep every single point of weight on the blue diamond. 

Cut controls 98% of a diamonds brilliance, and thus combining an ideal cut on a Fancy Vivid blue diamond means incredible color and scintillation.  Pricing and more details on this stunning lab blue diamond are here.

blue diamonds ideal cut round
Takara .63ct round blue diamond - ideal cut

Nov 4th:  New, largest blue diamonds to date will be ready shortly: We've got 7 new blue lab grown diamonds that will be posted in the next two weeks for sale.  Among these are 3, .75ct size blues, the first time we have ever been able to offer lab blue diamonds in that size range. 

We've also got a number of .55ct that will make excellent centers for our halo rings and 3 stone timeless classic.

*Customer video of her Takara blue diamond:


Details on our blue inventory page here


Yellow diamonds update:  The two recently posted lab yellow diamonds both sold within 1 hour of posting.  We are hoping to have 1 or 2 more yellows ready around the middle of November (hopefully 1.50ct+ size).

Oct 1st:  New lab grown blue diamonds and yellow diamonds ready for sale next week: We've got 4 new lab grown diamonds that will be posted next week for sale as follows:

Blue diamonds - A .68ct round (our largest offered to date) and a .55ct princess (first blue princess we have ever offered). 

Yellow diamonds - A stunning 1.65ct Cushion cut, and a beautiful 1.51ct Asscher cut.

We'll post grading reports and make them available for sale by the middle of next week once they are back from the grading lab.


July 20th:  Limited offering of blue and pink diamond 'halo' micropave earrings: We're pleased to announce that we have 2 pairs of blue diamond, and 4 pairs of lab grown pink diamond 'halo' earrings for sale.  This is the first time we have had them available in nearly four years. 

Pink Diamond Earrings, on ear

Pink Diamond (lab grown) halo Earrings, on ear

The earrings are made using 14k White gold, with finely set natural white diamonds surrounding the center.  These are stunning earrings.  Details are on our updated earring page here.

July 9th:  Possible new supply of purple and pink diamonds: We're working with two new labs in an effort to bring additional lab grown pink and purple diamonds to market.  We've have had no lack of demand for lab grown pink diamonds, the problem is its actually quite tough to produce them, especially in sizes over .50ct. 

The first test samples from our new supplier are actually purple diamonds and we'll have a complete color analysis shortly.  We hope they will be able to continue to improve the growth process to allow for pink production as well.

For right now, we are sold out of all lab grown pink diamonds over .50ct.  We've prepared a page addressing some common questions on both natural and lab grown pink diamonds here.

April 25th:  Takara Pink Diamond Anniversary Rings: We're pleased to make available a limited offering of 8 new beautiful Takara Lab Grown Pink Diamond and Natural White diamond anniversary rings. 

Prices range from $1295 - $1695.  Details are on our ring index page.  Here's a sample photo of a .63ctw anniversary ring:

Pink Diamond Anniversary Ring
.63ctw lab pink diamonds and natural white diamonds

Feb. 24th:  Takara Pink Diamond Ring featured in Newsweek magazine: Our largest pink diamond ring to date (featuring a .67ct pink cultured diamond center) was recently featured in the Newsweek article titled "Keeping up Appearances".  The article largely discussed how savvy shoppers were seeking ways to enjoy luxury style without the cost and referenced lab grown diamonds as one way to do that.  We don't have reprint rights (but did get a nice "Courtesy of at the bottom of the page) so we can't show the whole article...however, the article is on page 50, and a copy of the photo used is below:


Pink Diamond ring 


*More Pink Diamond bands: We are also going to be adding roughly 9 new wedding bands featuring alternating lab grown pinks with natural white diamonds over the next month.  These will use .06ct - .09ct Takara pink diamonds.  A photo of a similar 9 stone band we offered earlier is shown below:

Pink Diamond Band

October 19th:  Two new yellow diamonds for sale..: Our latest cutting batch is complete, and we have two beautiful 1.69ct, VS1 yellow diamonds for sale - one is a princess cut, the other an asscher cut.  Both are outstanding.  Details on our yellow diamond inventory listing page here.

August 3rd:  More lab grown pink diamonds, blue diamonds ready for sale...: Our latest batch is ready for sale - we've posted a number of matched pairs, both pink diamond pairs and blue diamond pairs, as well as two new single diamonds.  The colors are outstanding.  Details at our Pink Diamond Page, and our Blue Diamond page.

Blue Diamond, .41ct lab grown
.41ct Blue Diamond from our latest batch

July 27th:  More lab grown pink diamonds coming...: We have several pairs of smaller matched pink diamonds in grading and we hope to have these out for sale next week.

New website coming!  A long time overdue, but we are expanding and currently 'under construction' with a new, much more advanced website.  This will provide a number of new features, including an RSS feed so you can simply receive automatic updates whenever a new pink diamond (or yellow diamond, etc) is posted for sale.  This will help eliminate our current 'waiting list' model for our pink diamonds.  

If you are adventurous, you can see the site as it is being built here:

Please note, no sales or 'live' product are available there -its all sample data for now!

EternaVista Pink Diamonds sold out:  We have sold all of our EternaVista pink diamonds (natural white diamonds treated to turn pink).  The last two went into creating stunning Timeless Halo rings.

June 14th:  2 new Takara yellow diamonds for sale: We are pleased to announce that we have a new asscher yellow diamond, as well as an emerald cut yellow Takara diamond now available.  The color on both of these is stunning.  Details are at our new yellow diamond index page here

Asscher Cut Yellow Diamond, lab grown diamond Emerald Cut Takara Yellow Diamond
1.39ct Yellow Asscher 1.42ct Yellow Emerald

April 18th:  3 new Takara yellow diamonds for sale: We received the four latest yellow diamonds back from the grading lab today, and have posted two of them for sale.  Two are wait listed and so these will be posted if they are not purchased by those on the waiting list.  The three available now are a stunning 1.33ct oval yellow diamond, a 1.33ct asscher cut yellow diamond, and a 1.41ct yellow cushion diamond (lab grown, of course).  Details are at our new yellow diamond index page here

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond
1.33ct lab yellow diamond, oval cut

More Takara pink diamonds coming next week, and...the return of Takara blue diamonds!  We are expecting a relativey large shipment of pink diamonds next week, and we'll even have a few blue diamonds as well!  Details will be posted next week, but there is a .63ct pink diamond, one of the largest we've had in years coming.

April 11th:  4 new Takara yellow diamonds will be ready for sale shortly: We have completed cutting on 4 new stunning Takara yellow diamonds, and will be offering them for sale in the next two weeks.  They are a complete array of shapes:

  • 2.08ct Princess cut yellow diamond
  • 1.41ct Cushion cut yellow diamond
  • 1.34ct Oval cut yellow diamond
  • 1.33ct Asscher cut yellow diamond

April 6th:  Largest Takara yellow diamond we have ever offered, 2.08ct, will be available shortly: We are pleased to announce that we have completed cutting on a 2.08ct yellow diamond princess cut, and will have it available in the next two weeks.  This is in fact the largest yellow diamond we have ever offered for sale, and we are quite excited about it.  

There is a waiting list for this size yellow diamond (2.00ct+), and so it will likely sell before being offered publicly, but we will post the final grading report and a press release once it has made it through grading.

*Additional Takara pink diamond, .50ct:  We'll have another Takara lab grown pink diamond ready next week - this is a stunning .50ct round.  We'll post it for sale as soon as the grading lab completes the certificate.


March 12th:  4 new Takara pink diamonds available next week:  We are close to having 4 new Takara pink diamonds ready for sale:  a .61ct, .42ct and a matched pair (.43ct and .44ct) - all are expected to grade Fancy Vivid Purplish pink.  We'll have details next week once they have completed grading.

January 8th:  2 new Takara yellow diamonds ready, 1 new Takara pink diamond ready:  As announced, we have finalized an agreement to increase yellow diamond production to meet demand, and are pleased to make available a 1.50ct and 1.66ct yellow diamond, both in Asscher cuts.  Details can be found at our Asscher cut lab grown yellow diamond page here - Takara yellow diamond Asscher page

1.50ct Yellow Diamond, Asscher cut
1.50ct Takara yellow diamond, 
Asscher cut (from the certificate photo)

Additionally, we are pleased to make available a new Takara pink diamond, .42ct in a pure Fancy Vivid Pink color.  Details on this diamond are here - Takara .42ct pink diamond page.


Dec 10th:  1 new Takara pink diamond may be ready end of this week:  After a long dry spell, we are expecting to complete a .42ct fancy vivid lab grown pink diamond and have it available for sale.  Most of the current batch only came out in very small sizes, so the .42ct is the largest of this batch.


Nov. 23rd:  3 new EternaVista treated pink diamonds:  After having made a number of test runs, we are pleased to have three new EternaVista treated pink diamonds available.  All of these graded 'fancy intense pink', and are a softer pink than our Takara lab grown pink diamonds.  

EternaVista Pink Diamond (treated natural diamond)
.70ct EternaVista treated pink diamond

The first batch is now available for immediate purchase, and we have the following sizes - all our round brilliant cut:

  • Round:  1.18ct
  • Round: .70ct
  • Round: .50ct

 More details at our EternaVista treated pink diamond page here.


Nov. 12th:  3 new yellow Takara's nearing completion:  We had a long dry spell in terms of production from the lab that grows our yellow diamonds, but at last have a few new Takara's pending.  The first batch is 3 new yellow diamonds, with the following cuts and sizes:

  • Princess Cut:  1.76ct
  • Premiere Asscher: 1.74ct
  • Premiere Asscher: 1.72ct

 We expect to have these available for sale around Thanksgiving (after they are graded at Global Gem Labs).  

We are hoping to also offer a few new pink diamonds (Takara lab grown) around the first week of December as well.  These are still in cutting and so we do not know yet if we will have any larger (.50ct) size pink diamonds quite yet. 

Finally, we have 3 new EternaVista pink diamonds in grading right now, including a 1.18ct, and these should be ready for sale next week.

July 4th:  4 new pink Takara's nearing completion:  We should have 4 new pink lab grown diamonds available in the next two weeks.  Sizes are from .47ct - .56ct, all rounds.  More details are at our lab grown pink diamond page here.

June 24th:  More EternaVista Color Enhanced Natural diamonds underway:  We are currently in the process of producing another pink EternaVista and two new blues EternaVistas.  Again, our EternaVista line is natural white diamonds that are color enhanced by ion induction into Fancy Pink or Fancy Blue diamonds.  We are still refining the optimal natural white diamonds to start with to get the best finished color, but believe we are close to finalizing that process.  

Here's what's pending:

Pink - .50ct, expected to finish Fancy Vivid Pink.  

Blue - 1.18ct and .70ct - expected to finish as Fancy Intense Blue. 

We'll be expanding the site to handle the expected growth of our EternaVista line.  We were unable to get photos of our first EternaVista Pink as it has already sold, however, once we have finalized the specs for what type of whites are the best starting material, we will have a proper photo shoot to show off the outstanding beauty of these color enhanced naturals. 

June 12th:  More Takara Pink cultured diamonds underway:  We are pleased to announce that our pink diamond lab has had a bit of a breakthrough on the production side and expect our lab-grown pink Takaras to be available again in late July.  We have been sold out for months now, but production is underway again and we hope to have a larger volume and even a few other cuts besides rounds being offered.

May 25th:  First EternaVista 'treated' pink natural diamond available for sale...:  We received our first EternaVista treated pink back from the grading lab today - it graded as Fancy Vivid Orangey Pink, which has been a very sought after color in our Takara lab grown diamonds.  This EternaVista is now available for sale at $1689.50 (.53ct, Si1, GIA cut grade = Very Good)...this pricing is nearly 40% less than the equivalent pink lab grown Takaras of the same size and color, so we are very pleased to have this treatment available.  Note that the treatment is technically an ion induction process, that is done to the bottom half of the diamond.  The process is very stable, and no special care is required in daily wear or use (clean it, wear it, etc. just like any other diamond).

Details of this first EternaVista are here, and our new EternaVista Pink Inventory page is here.


April. 4th:  New Harry Winstons with our largest yellow diamonds ever:  We have added two new Harry Winston reproduction rings (shown above) with two of the largest yellows we have ever offered - 1.93ct Princess and 1.72ct emerald cut....both of these rings are stunning rings, and due to their size centers, not for those who are attention shy.

Details at our ring index page here.

Lab Yellow Diamond ring, HW repro
Harry Winston Reproduction with 
1.20ct Takara yellow center.  Details here.


April. 4th:  New Harry Winston reproduction ring with 1.04ct Internally Flawless Vivid Yellow Diamond Takara available:

Yellow Diamond Ring
Pure platinum and 18k yellow gold...details click here

Dec. 8th:  Stunning new .53ct lab pink diamond now in grading - available Dec. 15th:  We have a very nice Fancy Vivid Pink (purplish pink) that will be available for sale on Dec. 15th after it completes independent grading.  Details will be posted shortly!

*Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond - Lab Premiere Asscher (1.38ct) now available: - our latest yellow is a 1.38ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Asscher - details are posted here.


Nov. 18th:  Stunning new premiere Asscher Yellow Diamond completed (1.38ct):  We completed the first Asscher cut we have done in nearly two years, and it is a beautiful 1.38ct in a crisp, lemon yellow color.  It will be sent in next week for independent grading, and we hope to have it available for sale the first week of December.  You may wish to browse our Asscher inventory and look at previously sold premiere photos here.

Asscher cut Yellow Diamond
Example of a premiere Asscher cut (this Takara has already been sold).


Oct. 12th:  Two new Princess cut yellow diamonds (lab grown):

Princess Cut yellow diamond

Takara Princess Yellow Diamond

1.04ct - Internally Flawless

1.93ct - VS2

We are pleased two announce that we have two new beautiful princess cut yellow diamonds (lab grown) available for sale.  The first is an internally flawless, Fancy Vivid Yellow princess cut weighing in at 1.04ct (5.5mm x 5.5mm).  The second is a VS2, Fancy Vivid Yellow princess of enormous proportions - 1.93ct (6.5mm x 6.5mm).  We believe this is the largest yellow lab diamond to be offered for public sale to date (certainly the largest for us).  The above photos are just photos lifted off of the grading report, so not the most flattering, but we will be sending them for professional photos shortly.  We are planning on setting both of these into Harry Winston reproduction rings next week if they aren't purchased as loose stones before then.

Additional details on our yellow princess page here.

Sept. 28th:  Two new 3 stone rings in our Classic style setting are now available:

3 stone yellow diamond ring

We are no longer sold out of rings, as we've just added two new Takara 3 stone yellow (lab grown) and white diamond rings.  Both use platinum and 18k yellow gold to create the Classic ring itself, and then are set with a matched pair of 2 x .32ct natural white diamonds.  The center stones are our 1.00ct fancy vivid yellow Takara, or a 1.16ct fancy vivid orangy yellow Takara.  Details on both rings are at our ring index page here.

 Sept. 23rd:  Two new *princess* cut yellow diamonds (lab grown Takaras) will be available shortly:  

We are pleased to let you know that cutting has just been completed on two new princess cut yellow Takaras - the first time we have had princess cut yellow diamonds in nearly two years.  Their finished carat weights were 1.04ct and 1.93ct.  The 1.93ct is the largest Takara ever produced to date, and certainly one of the largest lab grown diamonds ever to be offered for public sale.  We'll have more details after the independent grading is complete!

August 8th - New Timeless 3 stone ring available

Timeless Yellow Diamond Ring, 3 stone
Photo of our latest ring offering - 1.44ctw diamond, 1 only

We are pleased to show the first photo of our latest ring style - our Timeless 3 stone ring, featuring a lively .74ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Takara diamond center, flanked by .70ctw white natural diamonds (2 x .35ct).  Set in platinum with 18k yellow gold prongs, this is an amazing ring, and available for $3990 (1 only).

Details and online shopping are here.

A few photos of some of our stunning rings....


Takara Blue Diamond Halo ring
18k Halo Micropave set with our last 
remaining .53ct Fancy Vivid Blue Takara

Yellow Diamond Halo Micropave ring (lab center)
Halo micropave ring, holding a 1.10ct Center Takara

Additional photos and details on this stunning high-end ring can be found here.

We have also added two new Harry Winston reproduction rings, one with an all natural Fancy Yellow Cushion diamond, the other with a Takara Cultured Emerald center. 

Natural Yellow Diamond Ring, cushion cut
Harry Winston Reproduction with 
1.09ct Fancy Yellow
Natural Diamond center.  Details here.

HW Lab yellow diamond ring
Harry Winston Reproduction with 
1.20ct Takara yellow center.  Details here.

blue diamond, white diamond, pink diamond ring
Custom Trinity 3 stone ring: 
Takara fancy blue diamond (left)
Natural white diamond (center)
Takara fancy intense pink diamond (right)

White Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Blue Diamonds grown by man. (c)