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blue diamonds, lab grown .77ct round

Cert photo - photos are a poor representation of the reality of these blue diamonds.


Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond (lab grown Takara) - .77ct, Excellent Cut

This is an exceptional blue diamond - Fancy Vivid Blue, VS1 clarity, and cut to excellent diamond standards. 

The grading report also measure the visual beauty via light return, and it scores 'Excellent' in all three measures - the result is vibrant sparkle and scintillation.

Cut controls 98% of a diamonds brilliance, and most natural blue diamonds are relatively poorly cut due to the massive value of each point of carat weight (as high as $1.3 Million per carat). 

With our lab grown blue diamonds however, we can unlock the true beauty of blue diamonds with top cutting to showcase the real beauty within. 

This is a lab blue diamond to treasure.

This Takara blue diamond ships overnight with signature required.

Carat Weight: .77ct
Clarity: VS1

Color: Fancy Vivid Blue
Cut Grade: Excellent Cut Blue Diamond

Price: $4389.00 - 1 only

Rings and mounting for this diamond are available at our parent site.

Ships with independent grading report (shown below).

blue diamonds grading report .77ct


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