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Blue Diamond, .51ct
Cert photo - photos are a poor representation of the reality of these blue diamonds.


Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond (lab grown Takara)

This is one of our largest blue diamonds to date, with outstanding color.

Please note that this diamond is I1 clarity.  Normally we would not offer a lower clarity like this but felt this specific diamond still offers extra-ordinary beauty, and with the discounted pricing would present a very compelling value. 

It may help to keep in mind that some of the most valuable diamonds in the world are I1 red diamonds, as color is king in the world of fancy color diamonds.

This Takara blue diamond ships overnight with signature required.

Carat Weight: .51ct
Clarity: I1

Color: Fancy Vivid Blue

Price: $1843.00

Rings and mounting for this diamond are available at our parent site.

Ships with independent grading report, shown below (note, the photo below is a terrible representation of how the diamond shows!)

Blue Diamond, Grading report


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