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Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Could being grown in the lab, as opposed to created inside the earth, somehow be weaker or 'fall apart' in the future? The answer is that that is not a concern - diamond crystal (carbon covalently bonded with four other carbon atoms in the shape of a three-sided pyramid) requires huge amounts of energy to create (and thus large amounts of energy to undo). Whether in the lab or in the ground, nature is still responsible for the final molecular assembly of diamonds. Man merely provides the environment for nature and carbon to do their thing above ground rather than 100 miles below the surface of the earth. Being true diamond, Takara™ diamonds have all the same properties (optically, physically, etc.) as their naturally formed counterparts.

However, if one wanted to concern themselves with diamonds falling apart, one should be more worried that their natural diamonds would fall apart before her lab-grown ones. Heresy? Not really - lab grown diamonds have been shown to be slightly harder and less brittle than natural ones, in effect an ever-so-slightly-stronger (better?) diamond. 

The following tutorial is a brief overview of the science. behind why lab grown diamonds are slightly stronger.

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