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0.53 ct Fancy Dark Blue Takara Cultured Diamond

Our largest Blue Takara yet, and one that has one of the most expensive color grades around, Fancy Dark Blue.  The Hope Diamond grades Fancy Dark Greyish Blue...this one is an even purer color, straight Dark Blue.

The color of this beautiful blue Takara is all-natural and comes from the addition of boron into the diamonds crystal lattice.  Just like their mined blue diamond counterparts, blue Takara cultured diamonds are able to conduct electricity.

A mined blue diamond identical to this Takara would sell for approximately $45,000 US Dollars.

Carat Weight: 0.53 ct
Clarity: VS2
Color: Fancy Dark Blue 


Thanks for your interest, this Takara has been Sold.

Diamond Grading report that accompanies this Takara purchase: