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 Poor Photo of this pink EternaVista 
(we are setting into a ring and will have professionally photoed if this diamond is not sold prior to).


.50 ct Round Cut EternaVista Treated Natural Pink Diamond

An elegant pink EternaVista diamond (a white natural diamond converted to pink by a non-radioactive ion induction treatment): fancy intense pink with excellent sparkle.

This EternaVista pink diamond comes with a GGL report (shown below).   

Carat Weight: .50 ct
Clarity: VVS2 
Color: Fancy Intense Pink

Cut :  Very Good
Polish:  Very Good

Price: $


This EternaVista pink diamond ships overnight with a signature required.


This EternaVista Treated Pink diamond comes complete with an independent appraisal card:

please note: the photo on the card is not the best - reality always exceeds the lab cert photos)