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EternaVista Pink Diamonds

A stunning combination of natural and lab grown diamond.


News: 6/8/10:  We are currently sold out of EternaVista pinks.  We are currently considering running another batch, and if so, will restock pinks in July.

Pink Diamond Halo ring, eternavista
A Pink EternaVista diamond in our Timeless Halo ring

What is an EternaVista Pink diamond?

EternaVista diamonds are a combination of natural and lab grown diamond.  A specific type of natural diamond is selected, and then a thin layer of lab grown color diamond is grown right on the natural diamond to convert it into a 'pink diamond'. 

(Note: All our natural diamonds are imported under the auspices of the UN Kimberly Agreement, which ensures the diamonds are conflict-free). 

The result is a stunning fancy color pink diamond created by a combination of natural and lab grown diamond - man-made and natural combined into one diamond.  Because the color is imparted in lab conditions, the result is nearly 'ideal color' pink diamonds at a fraction of the price of a mined diamond of the same color. 

We are in the process of expanding our pink EternaVista diamond inventory and will have new diamonds completing on a monthly basis.

In order to make it easier to keep up to date on when new inventory is available for sale, we have created an optional mailing list for Pink EternaVistas.  An email will be sent each time we post a new batch for sale, with a quick inventory list of sizes (select EternaVista Pink Diamonds as your item of interest during signup below:

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Our mailing list is purely informational (not resold or used for spam), and your privacy is protected.  An opt-out option is at the bottom of every email.  We only email when we have news that pertains directly to your selected interest.  

EternaVista Treated Natural Pink Diamonds, Online Shopping:

Loose EternaVista Pink Diamonds  -  Available or Pending:

Note that we can produce treated pink diamonds in virtually any size or shape for custom orders since we are converting white naturals, please email for pricing info - lead time is about 6 weeks.  

Please note that due to liability risks (only certain types of diamond convert well to a pink diamond), we do not accept outside diamonds for treatment.

Carat Weight Clarity Color Price Status Details
1.18ct VS2 Fancy Intense Pink


Sold view
1.12ct VS1 Fancy Intense Pink


Sold view
.79ct VS Fancy Intense Pink $2765.00 Sold view
.71ct VS2 Fancy Intense Pink $2485.00 Sold view
.70ct VS1 Fancy Intense Pink $2430.50 Sold view
.59ct VVS1 Fancy Vivid
$1670.00 Sold view
.53ct SI1 Fancy Vivid Orangey Pink $1589.50 Sold view
.50ct VVS2 Fancy Intense Pink $1450.50 Sold view
.50ct VS Fancy Intense Orangy Pink $1450.50 Sold view