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Representative photo of this Takara - note the beautiful saturation of pink/purple.

0.54 ct Round Cut Pink Takara Cultured Diamond

This is currently our largest ever pink Takara synthetic round cut.  A hint of purple mixed in with intense pink for a depth of pink seen only in the priciest of natural pink diamonds.  A diamond of this color and size, if dug out of the ground, would cost nearly $44,000.  

Carat Weight: 0.54 ct
Clarity: VS1 
Color: Fancy Intense Purplish Pink

Price: $

Thanks for your interest, this Takara has been sold.

(please note: This Takara ships overnight, insured, and must be signed for.  Therefore, please use an address where you can be sure someone is available to sign for it).

This Takara comes complete with an independent appraisal card: