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 Poor Photo of this reddish-purple Takara lab grown diamond (cert photo...better photos to come shortly). 

0.75 ct Round Cut Reddish-Purple Diamond (Takara Cultured Diamond)

From our latest batch, this diamond is one of the largest diamonds we have ever offered.

This diamond is a true purple diamond, a rarity.  If you are looking for a diamond that truly stands out, this color will certainly do it.  Further, this purple diamond is Internally Flawless.  Combined it is a truly exceptional lab grown diamond.

This purple diamond ships overnight with signature required. 


Carat Weight: 0.72 ct
Clarity: Internally Flawless 
Color: Fancy Vivid Reddish-Purple

Price: $

Thanks for your interest, this purple diamond has been Sold.  


This Takara purple-pink diamond comes complete with an independent grading report:

please note: the photo on the card is not the best - reality always exceeds the lab cert photos)