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The Asscher cut is one of the rarer and more sought after cuts by knowledgeable diamond consumers.

We are now cutting our Asscher yellow diamonds in our new Premiere Asscher cut. The premiere cut adds an extra layer of faceting on the underside of the stone, creating a smoother step effect all the way into the center of the stone.

News!  12/10/07 - We are planning to start cutting 1-2 Asscher yellow diamonds each month due to the increase in demand.  Note that our yellow diamonds are now consistently a very pure yellow (fancy vivid yellow), so the beauty of each batch is now very consistent - a pure, bright yellow, much like putting a piece of the sun into a yellow diamond. 

We will update with more photos as soon as we can, once we have some yellow diamonds in stock long enough to do so (they are usually sold before we even post them publicly for sale). 

Premiere Asscher Cut Takara yellow diamond (lab grown)


Carat Weight Clarity Color Description Price Details
1.88 ct VS2 Fancy Intense Orangey Yellow SOLD view
1.74 ct VVS1 Fancy Vivid Yellow SOLD view
1.66 ct VS1 Fancy Vivid Yellow SOLD view
1.52 ct SI1 Golden Yellow SOLD view
1.50 ct VS1 Fancy Vivid Yellow SOLD view
1.44 ct SI1 Fancy Yellow Vivid Orange SOLD view
1.42 ct SI1 Fancy Intense Yellow SOLD view
1.38 ct VVS2 Fancy Vivid Yellow SOLD view
1.34 ct SI1 Fancy Intense Yellow SOLD view
1.25 ct VS2 Light Golden Yellow SOLD view
1.20 ct VS2 Golden Yellow SOLD view
1.18 ct VVS1 Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange


1.07 ct VS2 Fancy Vivid Yellow SOLD view

With the immense popularity of the Asscher cut, now we offer stunning rings to help house our Asscher - a reproduction of an original 1922 Cartier ring, and one of the most elegant styled semi-mounts, the Artemis.

Cartier 1922 Reproduction Ring

10 x Natural Diamond Side round diamonds (VS/G), total carat weight = .20ctw

Suitable for .75ct+ center stone