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yellow diamond asscher cut
A stunning vivid yellow diamond.


1.70 ct  Asscher Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond (lab grown Takara)

This is one of our most stunning lab yellow diamonds to date - weighing in at 1.70cts, with outstanding clarity (VVS2) and stunning color (Fancy Vivid Yellow). Further, this diamond scores 'Excellent' on the light return grading included with the independent gemological report, showing its visual beauty. 

Featuring our signature vivid yellow coloration, this asscher cut offers the depth and sparkle associated with top quality asscher cut diamonds.

This Takara ships overnight with signature required.

Carat Weight: 1.70 ct
Clarity: VVS2

Color: Fancy Vivid Yellow

Price: $6120.00

Rings and mounting for this diamond are available at our parent site.

Ships with independent grading report, shown below (note, the photo below is a terrible representation of how the diamond shows!)

yellow diamonds grading report ggl


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