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This cert photo does not do it justice.


2.08 ct  Princess Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond (lab grown Takara)

This lab grown yellow diamond is the largest lab grown diamond we have *ever* offered, and possibly the largest one ever sold in the US.

The cert photos do not do it justice - if it stays here, we will certainly have it professionally photoed.

The color is a rich and stunning yellow, with enough saturation to push it close to Fancy Deep Yellow.

This is a yellow diamond to remember - we will have a press release about it shortly.

This Takara ships overnight with signature required.

Carat Weight: 2.08 ct
Clarity: VS2

Color: Fancy Vivid Yellow

Price: $8320.00

Thanks for your interest, this Yellow Diamond has been Sold.

Rings and mounting for this diamond are available at our parent site.

Ships with independent grading report, shown below (note, the photo below is a terrible representation of how the diamond shows!)


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